Bearded Dragon Eating – Habits and Problems For Your Pet Lizard

When you watch a Bearded Dragon eating, you’ll see that they usually have pretty good appetites. With insects, they prefer live ones to frozen ones you can buy at shops or online and they have certain insects they prefer over others.

Although they like to eat mealworms and you’ll see some places that say it’s okay to feed your pet mealworms, it’s not a good idea. Mealworms are the larva of a type of beetle and even in the worm stage the shell is strong enough so that the worm can burrow beneath the ground. It’s that shell that can cause problems for your Beardie. There are safer food alternatives for your pet Live Mealworms For Sale.

Beardies love to eat vegetables and a diet that includes leafy green vegetables is good for your pet. It’s also a healthy idea to give your Beardie a select amount of fruits, but avoid any seeded fruits since the nuts can get stuck in their digestive track. Knowing what your Bearded Dragon eating habits are will help you identify his food habits and quickly pinpoint any problems a food causes your pet.

The best way to keep your Bearded Dragon eating heartily is to feed him a variety. Give him both fruits and vegetables, insects – one point about insects though is never feed a Beardie an insect that’s too large for him.

A good rule of thumb is that the insect shouldn’t be as big as the area in between your pet’s eyes. If you notice your Beardie has his back legs in a straight position, it can be a sign he’s having a digestion problem.

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