The Zen of Poker

Poker resembles life in many ways, and just as you can bluff your way out of personal confrontation you can also apply your life skills and philosophy to your poker game. It has been famously quoted that:

“Poker is the game closest to western conception of life, where life and thought are recognized as intimately combined, where free will prevails over philosophies of fate or of chance, where they are considered moral agents …” (John Luckacs, ” Poker and the American Character “, 1963) 예스카지노

Some of these most “Western” beliefs about games can also benefit from Oriental wisdom, just like life has been lately enhanced and improved by yoga, meditation, Feng Shui and other distinctly oriental practices. Several high-profile players and writers have tried to apply the philosophy of life to their poker games, and they have achieved the next level, even if the player does not live according to Zen standards.
First things first: what is Zen?

Answering this right question might require years of training in a monastery, but these are the very basics:

– Zen is a tradition of Buddhism, originated in China, and came to fulfillment in Japan, introduced by returning monks from China in the twelfth century.

– Zen teachings are usually transmitted in the form of proverbs, meaningless phrases or paradoxical anecdotes, intended to guide the disciple outside of patterned thought and into absolute consciousness.

– Zen believes in an undivided wholeness of things in a state of constant change and fluidity.

– Zen in the past or future.

(This is the course of a very simplified overview of Zen philosophy.)

Traditionally, Zen is the place where the main link between Zen and Poker can be established. Poker is like war: attacks and strategic retreats, and the Zen outlook on martial arts can help a player focus on his or her strength and keep a clear mind towards victory.

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