Numerology For The Children

Numerology takes a look at the numbers that affect our lives. Most people discover something about numerology in adulthood or even during their teen years. However, if you have kids, you can also use numerology to help guide them through life. You can name your kid based on what you think is a good personality type for them. Of course, nothing is certain and each number is going to have its pros and cons, but at least you’ll h have an idea of what to expect.

Kids and adults have the same important numerology numbers. If you do not have time to compile and take a look at the different numbers in your kid’s numerology report, you can start with the numbers I call the 3 Big Ones. They include the Life Path number, the Heart’s Desire, and t he Soul Urge number. These are all important numbers and they play significant roles when it comes to who your kids are going to be, what they will want most from life, and how others will perceive them numerology free report.

These numbers are computed using your kid’s birth date and their given name. Of course, you cannot control when your kids are going to be born, but you may still be able to get a handle on their names, especially if you are looking to have more kids in the future.

The birth date is important and it will determine how your kids’ lives are going to go. It is reduced to get their Life Path. Another important factor is your kids’ names. The name is used to determine a lot of different numbers in numerology including the Heart’s Desire and the Personality Number. The Heart’s Desire is representative of what your kid is really looking for in life and what they are drawn to aside from the things associated with their Life Paths. The Personality Number is also derived using their given name and this is going to determine how your kids are perceived by other people.

Each number is going to have its pros and cons. For example, if your kid has a Life Path 1, you will have a natural born leader in your hands, but they can also get very autocratic and dictatorial. As parents, you can teach these kids to be more empathetic while still maintaining the positive qualities of a leader. Numerology is a very useful tool. You can get free readings from a lot of places online. It has changed the life of a lot of people. You can be confident to say that “numerology change my life” too and with your kids, numerology can come in handy, especially when they are still looking for who they are. You can also comprehensive readings from numerologists like Mike Madigan.

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