Fireplace Design – Where Do I Start?

Picture the way your fireplace is going to be utilized. You have probably already have a place in your mind, but the viability of the place might be impacted by venting demands, setup clearance demands and fuel options.


To begin with, why are you installing a fireplace? Is it for recreational use and entertaining? Is it functioning as a backup emergency heating system? Supplemental warmth for a cold area? Is it a decorative element to improve your decor? Fireplaces can be found in a vast selection of designs fireplaces used as backup heat resources will find the maximum use and also a high quality (more expensive) version is going to be a better option that normally offers increased efficacy.

Who will use the new fireplace? What’s your lifestyle? Elderly people and people with health problems might not have the ability to deal with the vigors of toting firewood. But in case you’ve got enough opportunity to enjoy the principles of cutting, splitting and stacking wood along with the notion of free warmth from fallen trees on your home, an investment at a wood burning fireplace can fit your requirements perfectly. Otherwise, extend your chances to gasoline or electric fireplaces fireplace.

Fireplace design specialists and chimney sweeps concur that non invasive, builder-grade fireplaces should just be used for recreational, casual flames like family gatherings at vacations. Should you hope to use your fireplace once weekly or more during winter, choose a higher end product that will endure for many years since replacement is a costly, time-consuming endeavor. Now let us start with the next phase of preparation.



Can you imagine burning organic firewood? Wood burning fireplaces will place the maximum restraints in your own design. The chimney system has to run vertically in a comparatively straight configuration and clean the roof based on local codes, that can be a minimum of 3′ in many regions – however may be too more determined by your roof pitch and house design. You will want the fireplace set up in a place that’s available to a door to the outside to bring on your firewood and extract ashes. A wood burning fireplace may also possess the best prerequisites for a fireproof hearth that divides to the space and for top and side clearances. And if you don’t elect for a luxury, energy efficient fireplace fireplace design that provides tightly sealing doors for extended burn times and updated layouts to present high heat output, burning wood might actually remove more heat from the room than it provides.

Opening front, cosmetic wood burning fireplaces have been prohibited as fresh appliance options in certain places which are vulnerable to air quality issues. Decorative fireplaces have a great deal of gas, may create excess amounts of smoke in your area, and provide little to no heating output. So carefully consider the quality and characteristics of these models available throughout your planning stages. Higher end models can provide you years of service and convenience features that provide you more burn times, more warmth from each part of timber and cleaner burning which leads to less smoke and a cleaner chimney.

Ensure you’ve got a fantastic supply of firewood accessible and room to stack your wood stack. The kind of wood you burn off – and the way you store and maintenance for your re – will greatly impact your wood burning encounter.

For all but the very gifted do-it-yourselfers, a woodburning fireplace is work that’s best performed by a certified and knowledgeable professional.


Gas fireplaces offer you a handy, realistic fire at the touch of a button. Remote controls are readily available for many versions. Many may also utilize thermostat controls that adjust the fire or turn the flame off and on depending on the room temperature. Venting options can allow installation in any area, on any floor of your property.

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